As naturalists, photographers and conservationists, the BPOTY team sees firsthand the mounting pressures on bird populations around the World. If bird photography is going to thrive and not become metaphorically speaking a dying art we must all do our bit to reverse the decline of bird species and support conservation efforts. Donating money is one thing, but World class imagery has the potential to inspire people around the globe to care, and maybe shame some into action. 

Over the course of BPOTY’s history it has given over £5,000 to the British Trust for Ornithology to help with conservation research. We all know that the problem is global so this year, through the generosity of Wildlife Worldwide, a specially created Competition Category has enabled a donation of £1,500 to be made to the British Bird Fair’s conservation fund. But we have not stopped there. In recognition of the need for urgent action BPOTY has established its own Conservation Fund, one who’s outlook is worldwide.

Looking to the future, each year BPOTY will support a select number of conservation projects and will generate support amongst, and invite donations from, you our community. We will also do our best to promote these causes through media and social media outlets, using powerful images to convey inspirational ideas and highlight problems. Being small fish in a big pond, we will choose projects and initiatives where we feel our money and support will have the greatest impact. So BPOTY is on the look-out for up-and-coming projects as well as under-funded existing ones. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

For 2019, BPOTY is proud to support Hookpod and its efforts to save the lives of thousands of seabirds. Read more about Hookpod and the other conservation causes we support below.

Below you can find more information on the projects and causes BPOTY is proud to support and promote. As the competition and the BPOTY community grows, we will be able to help raise awareness and money for an increasing number of worthy causes.

  1. Supported Conservation Projects

2. Supported Conservation Organisations

3. Latest Conservation News

The BPOTY team aim to keep our community up to date with all the latest causes including news on those we are currently supporting and projects that we are interested in supporting in the future. This section is also a platform for our community to draw attention to conservation issues of their own and we invite submissions of text and photographs.