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Competition Rules

Here we provide a quick guideline on our competition rules. They are meant as a snapshot and should be read in conjunction with our main competition rules here. If you are uncertain about any of the rules outlined then ask an adult to help, or ask them to contact us and we’ll do what we can to help and make things clear. 

  • Use this website! You can only enter the competition online via this website.

  • Enter only your own images! Entries must be all your own work.

  • Yes phone pics are allowed! Digital images taken with any device capable of meeting our image size specifications can be entered. That means you can use anything from a mobile phone to a DSLR.

  • No digital funny business! No major manipulation of your photographs is allowed.

  • Enter the correct age category! Pay careful attention to the age restrictions in each of the age categories and enter the one appropriate to your age.

  • Recent photos only please! Please do not enter images that have won or been commended in another major competition.

  • Be nice to our world! Respect your subject and do not harm any living creature, alter the behaviour of wildlife in any detrimental way or cause any damage to the environment in obtaining your photographs.

  • Tell us a story! Include a detailed description with your image to tell us a little about the how, where and why you took the image.

  • We want your best photos! You can enter up to 8 images free of charge, so make sure you send us your best ones!