Megan McCubbin appointed as Young BPOTY Competition Ambassador

Young Bird Photographer of the Year is part of the globally successful Bird Photographer of the Year competition (BPOTY). With more entries received in 2019 than ever before, the Young BPOTY competition goes from strength to strength and the team can hardly wait to announce the 2019 winners at the UK’s BirdFair in Rutland in August. 

Young Bird Photographer of the Year Competition Ambassador Megan McCubbin.

Young Bird Photographer of the Year Competition Ambassador Megan McCubbin.

As part of the competition’s ongoing development, BPOTY are delighted to announce the appointment of Megan McCubbin as the new Young Bird Photographer of the Year competition ambassador and coordinator. The appointment coincides with the launch of all-new BPOTY community and competition website. Together with Chris Packham, Megan will also head a panel of Young BPOTY judges. 

Megan graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in Zoology and works as a wildlife researcher and presenter for Lush. Photography and wildlife have been passions since an early age, and she is delighted to be a part of Young BPOTY. 

‘The natural world has always been my primary fascination but since picking up a camera at age 10, I began to understand how photography could be used as a powerful tool for conservation. I have been incredibly fortunate to travel around the world taking images, and the exquisite beauty of birds is something I am forever trying to capture. Photography does not lie within the boundaries of language, so I strive to communicate and tell a story through every photo I take. Personally, it’s about raising awareness about the plight of species and engaging new audiences. Starting out as a young wildlife photographer myself, I now reflect on my experiences knowing that it enabled me to learn and look at my surrounding environment differently.’

The 2020 Young BPOTY competition will introduce a range of age categories for the first time: the judging team are excited about the new structure and can’t wait to see the entries when the competition opens later in the year. 

The support and promotion of conservation has always been one of the competition’s main aims.  BPOTY also aims to establish a Young BPOTY conservation fund through sponsorship support and engage the competition’s young photographers in deciding where the money goes.  

BPOTY Director and competition coordinator Rob Read comments ‘We are really fortunate to have Megan on board for the Young BPOTY competition, her energy and passion will be invaluable for its ongoing development. BPOTY has always emphasised the importance of encouraging the younger generation to become involved and excited about the natural world, and photography can be a great way of engaging and nurturing that interest. There is nothing more heartening than seeing the growing passion for wildlife through the lenses of these young people. Nature needs future custodians to care and protect it with a renewed determination and fervour. I hope that Young BPOTY can help with that process in some way.’ 

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