What are the contest categories?

There are 10 main categories: 1) Best Portrait. 2) Birds in the Environment. 3) Attention to Detail. 4) Bird Behaviour. 5) Birds in Flight. 6) Creative Imagery. 7) Garden and Urban Birds. 8) Wildlife Worldwide’s Inspirational Encounters. 9) Birds in Black and White. 10) Best Portfolio.

Who can enter?

The main awards categories are open to all ages and nationalities.

Any entrant under 18 on the 30th November 2019 must gain the permission of a parent or guardian to enter the competition.

The Young Bird Photographer of the Year Award is only open photographers aged 17 years or under on 30th November 2018

You can find other eligibility criteria here

When do the awards open and close?

The opening date of the competition is August 18th 2019. The closing date for entries is midnight UTC on November 30th 2019.

How many images can I enter?

You can enter up to 8 images in each of the 8 categories.

How much does it cost to enter?

The cost is based on the number of images you want to enter. Entries are bought in advance and can then be used at any time before midnight UTC on the 30th November 2018. The following entry bundles are available, and entries can be used across any of the 8 main categories:

1 image - £6 (£6 per image)

8 images - £24 (£3 per image)

32 images - £48 (£1.50 per image)

64 images - £68 (£1.06 per image)

The Young Bird Photographer of the Year is free to enter.

Can I enter the same image into multiple categories?

Yes, the same image can be entered into multiple categories, but please read each category brief carefully and make sure that your image fits the brief. Each entry to a category for the same image counts as one entry, for the purposes of payment.

How many times can I enter the awards?

Each photographer can enter the awards once. More than one image bundle can be purchased, but there is a maximum of 64 images that can be entered by each photographer – 8 into each of the 8 main categories.

Can I withdraw or swap an image once I’ve entered it?

If the awards are still open for entries then at any time you can remove an entered image and enter a different one in its place if you want to. Once the deadline for entries has passed, and judging is underway, images cannot be removed or swapped out for other images.

Do images have to be taken with a DSLR?

No. Images can be taken on any device capable of producing an image of at least 6 megapixels, including phones, GoPros, tablets, compact cameras and larger cameras such as DSLRs. In 2017, an image captured with a GoPro was awarded a Bronze prize position. Digital scans of images captured on film are also eligible.

Do images have to be taken in the United Kingdom?

No, Bird Photographer of the Year is an international photography competition and you may enter photographs taken anywhere in the world.

Can I submit retouched images?

There are some restrictions on the use of digital manipulation, except in the ‘Creative Imagery’ category where there are none. Full guidelines on what image manipulation and retouching is allowed are provided on the Preparing Your Images page on this website.

How should I prepare my images for submission?

Full guidelines on image preparation are provided on the Preparing Your Images page on this website.

Why can’t I add a watermark to my images?

We ask that you do not add a watermark to your images as the judging process needs to remain anonymous at all times. Any image submitted with a watermark will be removed from the judging process during the first elimination round.